Welcome to Northampton Pagans

This is the home for the Northampton Pagans group.

Northampton Pagans is an online and face to face group for Pagans living within the county of Northamptonshire. We are a growing group of people from various paths within the Pagan community, of varying age and experience.

Our aim is to create a space for pagans who are sincere about their chosen path, whether that be as a solitary witch, a druid, someone who prefers to work in a group setting or any of the other ways of expressing the pagan spirituality. It is our desire to create a central 'meeting point' where information and views can be shared in a safe place without the fear of recriminations or ridicule.

More changes to NP membership

Last year NP opened up it's membership to those outside of its traditional base of just Northamptonshire based Pagans. However, our membership system has become more complex than it really needed to be, and in the time since NP started out (more than 10 years ago) changes to the internet itself have been happening, so we have revised the membership system.

We still have our traditional full membership, but we now also have a facebook page which anyone can apply to join. This has replaced the associate membership which we had in place for a while. Members of the facebook group will also be able to come along to other open events. Those who want to become more involved with NP after spending a time as an Associate member can apply to become a full member, giving them access to our forum, as well as the private events.

More details are on our Join page.

Open Moots

Northampton Pagans now hold a monthly open moot in Northampton, which is open to existing NP members, past NP members, future NP members, and even those never plan to be a member of NP.

These are to be social pub moots, rather than a formal discussion, so while there may be serious conversations going on at times, the point of the evening is to have a drink and socialise.

They are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month, and run from 8pm until people either drift away, or the pub shuts.

Anyone who wishes to join us should come along to the Charles Bradlaugh pub on the corner of Lower Mounts and Earl Street (in the centre of Northampton). We will usually be either in the lowered area to the left of the bar (as you come in from the car park entrance), or in the area under the motorbike. Look out for a sign on the table with our tree logo on it. More information about the pub itself can be found at The Charles Bradlaugh

So what can you expect to find on this site?

First there is the Forum (in the Members section). This is our main on-line area, where we discuss anything from how to cast a circle, to which is the worst of the Star Wars films.

In order to protect our members from spam and abuse from those who do not appreciate a Pagan viewpoint, this is only open to members. Membership requests are checked by the groups Elders, rather than by having on-line registration, as this allows us to keep spiders, robots, etc from gaining access to our members data.

In the Group Info pages are details of upcoming events, details of the craft skills of our members, and links to other Pagan (or related) sites which are recommended by our members.

Galleries are pretty self explanatory. Photos from some of our events (and some pictures that are simply silly).

Pages under the Paths menu relate to the various paths that Pagans usually follow. Within that section we also have the NP Tree - which has symbols representing many of the paths available, as well as symbols relating to Pagan interests. All of these symbols are explained in the other pages within the Paths section.

We have a page for each sign of the Zodiac, with not only the traditional astrological details, but covering the mythology and the astronomy of the signs as well. The current sign is

We are working on pages for each of the main Pagan festivals (in the Festivals section), and we will start uploading these shortly. The next festival will be

The Talking Tree pages are simply a collection of articles that may be of interest to Pagans (though they do not have to be about Paganism per se). They are taken from the pages of our somewhat short lived magazine, hence the title of the section.

Contacting Northampton Pagans - membership applications should be done using the 'Join' page.
All other communication should be addressed to queries@northamptonpagans.co.uk
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