Northampton Pagans Membership

Historically Northampton Pagans has only accepted members from within the county and our aim still remains steady to creating a place for local pagans to meet both online and face to face. However, times have changed and recently we decided to open our doors to other members of the Pagan community irrespective of where they live.

We have also found that times are changing in the world of internet based groups in general and as such Northampton Pagans is evolving the way it provides its services to local Pagans.

Until very recently our on-line community was centred around a dedicated and closed forum and for 10 years that served us well. However, with the increase in the use of social media we have decided to change the way we run as a group.

If you are interested in becoming involved in Northampton Pagans your first port of call is our Facebook group that can be found at Here you will find all the normal chit chat along with details of our purely social Open Moots held at the Charles Bradlaugh in Northampton, and other events that are organised throughout the year.

If after coming along to a couple of the Open Moots you feel you would like to get more involved please e-mail membership at northamptonpagans dot co dot uk (this has been written this way to reduce spam, please type as a normal e-mail address) and ask to apply for Full Membership.

As a Full Member you would gain access to our forum, as well as the quieter, but still socially orientated, Pub Moots and our Hearth Moots where the chat can be much more focussed on the Pagan path. All we ask is that if you wish to become a full member, you read our constitution and membership rules which are found just here and then confirm in your email that you accept them.

All of this is free of charge, all you need to do is join in!

Thanks for your interest in Northampton Pagans.

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