Northampton Pagans - Rules and Constitution

Last updated December 2012

Group Constitution

The name of the group is Northampton Pagans

Mission Statement

Northampton Pagans is a group for all people who consider Paganism an integral part of their life and world view, or who consider Paganism to be a valid belief system and wish to communicate with Pagans in a non-confrontational forum.

The group is also for those who are genuinely seeking guidance and information about Paganism to help them on their personal path.

The aims of the group are as follows:

To work alongside other pagan organisations wherever aims are mutually beneficial and compatible with the aims of Northampton Pagans.

To hold local events for full members of Northampton Pagans and open events for all members.

To cultivate respect and tolerance within paganism for all people, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, sexuality, gender, physical ability, financial situation or age.

To encourage tolerance and respect of individual beliefs.

To encourage its members to follow paganism in accordance with current UK laws.

To encourage activities to increase awareness and improve the public image of paganism.


Northampton Pagans is a non-profit making group and all monies raised within the group will be used solely for the group's benefit or donated to worthy causes as the group wishes.

Any monies made are to be for the benefit of current Northampton Pagans members

A designated Treasurer will keep a set of accounts of all money transactions, which will be reported upon by request.

Decision making

Day to day decisions will be made by the Elders.

Decisions on membership applications will be made by the Elders.

Any major decision to be made concerning the running of the group will be discussed with the members and a decision will be made by the Elders either through that discussion or using the poll system on the website; where the poll will be initiated by Admin or the Elders.


All members will join Northampton Pagans as Associate Members regardless of their age, location or level of experience in Paganism, however they must be over 18.

Prospective members can apply to join by completing the online application form found on the public website; giving a short statement about their interest in paganism and providing basic contact details, the minimum being a current e-mail address.

The application process for Associate Membership will follow as such. After the initial e-mail is received from the applicant, either an e-mail will be sent requesting more information or a vote will be held by the Admin and Elders. If the application is passed the applicant will be registered and sent their log in details.

Full Membership can be attained once the Associate Member has attended at least 2 open moots and met the required post count on the forum; currently 20 posts. Once this requirement has been met the Associate Member may contact Admin or the Elders to discuss Full Membership. Once it has been agreed the member must attend at least one Private Pub Moot or one Hearth Moot within their first month of Full Membership.

Applicants for full membership must live within the Northamptonshire county boundary and have regular internet access.

After this the Full Member will be required to visit the forum a minimum of once a month and post at least once in a 3 month period. If this criteria is not met the member will return to being an Associate Member with the corresponding changes to their access to the forum and events applied.

Full membership can be reinstated by request and by attending a Private Pub Moot or Hearth Moot within one month.

Associate Members will be deleted without warning if they have not logged into the forum at all in the first month of their membership or in 6 months thereafter.

Members can leave by providing a written request that their name be removed from the membership list. An e-mail is sufficient in this instance.

Copies of all standard e-mails can be requested via Admin or The Elders.

Access to the private pub moots and hearth moots is reliant on an active full membership level within the Northampton Pagans forum.

The use of pseudonyms is acceptable.

Closing Down

Should the group be dissolved all members will be notified. Any monies held will be donated to a worthy cause. This cause will be chosen by the group at the time of closing down.

Group Rules

Members will show respect for other's chosen paths and lifestyle, whether they agree with it or not. Any comments which could be considered as disrespectful or intolerant will be taken very seriously, and may result in membership being withdrawn.

Any information posted within the forum, whether it is personal or not, will not be shared with anyone outside the group, without the express permission of the originator, unless said information is already within the public domain. If it is found that this has happened the member passing on the information may be removed from the group.

Postings will fall within UK copyright laws, and sources should be cited where possible.

The group is not to be used for the organisation of any unlawful activities.

Members are not to approach any other members with a view to recruiting into any esoteric closed group or society, unless it is discussed openly on the site.

Any texts, including rituals, held on the Northampton Pagans website, in its entirety, remains the copyright of Northampton Pagans and should not be used outside of Northampton Pagans without the prior permission of the Admin and The Elders.

Membership of the group is subject to the criteria laid out in the group's constitution.

Except where otherwise noted, all content and photographs on the site © by Northampton Pagans, or it's contributors.
Opinions expressed in these pages may not necessarily be those of Northampton Pagans, the group's Elders, or it's membership in general, but are the opinions of the individual contributors.