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Rachel King and Patrick Timmons are amongst the few artists working today to take on the challenging issues of spirituality and life through the medium of painting and sculpture. The spiritual is rarely represented in contemporary art, it is however a very popular and increasingly growing genre. The representation of spiritual ideas and concepts is an area where few artists tread with confidence, this site is dedicated to providing art along with links to interesting sites of a spiritual nature.

leavesstrange globePatrick's work is simply about enjoying the moment, trying to view the world as simply as we did when we were children. Artists have often been concerned with primitives, madness and innocence perhaps in a natural response to a stressed angst that they feel in society, things have become too complicated. Art shouldn't necessarily be difficult or profound it can be simply an appreciation of the pattern of flour on a work surface, a glimpse of a reflection in an oil spillage; inherent in art are feelings of mortality and wonder because they record fleeting moments of our time.

remotionishtarRachel's work can either be appreciated simply for its aesthetic appeal or its underlying message. Rachel has a fascination with the spiritual traditions and customs of cultures such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the Gnostics and the Old religion, recognizing the continuous thread that runs through each.

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