Links Page

The following links are provided for information only. While all have been recommended by members of Northampton Pagans, NP as an organisation cannot vouch for any of these sites.

Links to other Pagan organisations/groups - - The Pagan Federation - probably the biggest Pagan organisation in the UK. - UK Pagan Links - links to Pagan groups throughout the UK. - Rushden Pagans Myspace page - the Cernunnos Motorcycle Club (for the bikers amongst us)

Links to environmental, green and recycling sites - Permorganics - our local organic permaculture group, based at a farm in Rothersthorpe - home to Northampton's own home grown henge. - South Court Environmental (SCE) - local workers co-operative supporting wildlife and conservation in and around Northampton. - Recycling old mobile phones with Envirophone. - Buy and sell second hand books with Greenmetropolis.

Links to Arts/crafts sites - misc arts and crafts

Links to Shopping sites - New Moon - Pagan, goth and occult online shop (based at Didcot). - Occultique - Pagan and occult online shop (based in Northampton). - Pagan Magic online shop and BOS

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