Talking Tree - Poems

In His Eyes

My man comes to me.
He takes my hand and guides me,
Through forest, under moonlit sky.
He tells me at's alright.
He understands my love for her,
For she comes to me before all men.
Before even him,
Because she will never leave me.
She is my mother, my lover.
And I can see her in his eyes.
We are free tonight my love!
And she will keep us safe,
Her guardians surround us,
Here in this place.
He understands I worhip her,
But knows it's him that I adore.
I walk in his dreams, so beautiful,
The things I have seen.
It only leaves me wanting more.
So tonight,
Enchantress I am!
And I will weave my web,
With her help.
She is the trees,
She is the earth,
And she is the moon in the sky.
And yes,
I do see her in his eyes.

by Kwizxi.

Dying Planet

I see my goddess,
My queen.
She who gives me strength.
Why do you cry I ask?
Because her world is dying.
"I must weep to save the oceans,
I must allow people to die to save the earth,
I must sacrifice my last breath to save the air."
Because her world is dying.
What of the moon I ask?
"If I fail to save your planet,
You will inhabit mine."
Because her world is dying.
What of the sun?
"Without me, he cannot be born,
He will die with me."
I saw my goddess,
My queen.
She who told me our world is ending.

by Kwizxi.

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